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Hailing from Sacramento, CA, Nonessential Personnel is a Post Rock Band made up of four members: Jesse Crone (Drums), Linus Flynn (Guitar), Jacob Montano (Bass), and Ben Thuesen (Guitar/Vocals). After being establishes as a group in early 2019, the group began writing and recording their first self title EP, "Nonessential Personnel."

The band brings a diverse range of sounds and songwriting approaches, as each member has backgrounds in several genres, primarily jazz, electronic, pop, and folk. Nonessential Personnel's album has been described by local musicians as intoxicating, electrifying, and something worth studying.

Jesse Crone

Jesse Crone is the drummer for Nonessential Personnel. He began drums at an early age and continued throughout high school. He currently studies Recording Arts with a Drum Addition Track under the instruction of Todd Reid at CU Denver, starting in fall of 2020. He plans to go into Film Post-Production from college. Jesse's musical inspiration ranges from many genres and many different players. Form jazz legends both old and new like Kenny Clarke and Mark Guiliana, to modern alternative or rock drummers such as Darren King of Mutemath and Dom Howard of Muse. Jesse also plays guitar, bass and piano, and his musical influence and songwriting can be heard on songs like "Bite" and "Wander".


Linus Flynn

Linus Flynn is the lead guitarist for Nonessential Personnel. He is currently attending CU Denver studying Audio Production. Apart from his musical contributions to the band, he is the primary art director, designing all of the album art and promotional material.

Jacob Montano

Jacob is the bassist for the band Nonessential Personnel. He currently attends CU Denver for Audio Production, and plays bass in various bands around the Denver Area. His musical influences range from Miles Davis to modern melodic hardcore acts such as Gatherers and Casey.


Ben Thuesen

Ben Thuesen is the frontman of Nonessential Personnel, responsible for being the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist. After a successful high school music career, Ben began his studies in jazz voice performance at CSUS under personal instruction by Melissa Fulkerson in 2019. Much of Ben's musical influence and inspiration comes from artists such as John Mayer and Justus West all the way to Papa Roach and Animals as Leaders. These sonic inspirations can be heard on tracks primarily written by Ben, such as "Reason I Breathe" and "Reckless".